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Things are certainly hotting up as the boys prepare for their final preview. Dan is full of resentement for the press after doing an interview with a newspaper, for a story about local comedians going to Edinburgh Fringe. They didn’t run the story. Not even a mention.


Never fear though maybe, those at the press office just wasn’t sure about who exactly he was. If only he had sent them a Press Release before hand with an image like a day before (he had.)

Well in a bed to get more attention, and full of bile he wrote this. Judge for yourself whether that was a good idea:



Dan Nicholas’ Conversation Garden Upstairs at the Western 19/07/2014 Anti-Press Release


Like a lingering smell, the Conversation Garden Boys are back. With local comedian Dan Nicholas (shortlisted for the BBC Comedy Award 2013) hosting a chat show like no other. Assisted by his two house mates Jack Britton and Lewys Holt they bring to you a fun filled evening of songs, arguments and audience interaction for the last time before they set off to conquer the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

If you haven’t heard of Dan Nicholas’ Conversation Garden yet then you’re missing out, or their social media presence isn’t nearly as big as they hoped it was. The trio have spent the last year RELENTLESSLY doing shows in Leicester and really haven’t gained that much more of an audience. They have wasted their time sending press releases out, making lo-fi youtube videos, and some pretty sketchy tweets to a lack of acknowledgement from virtually anyone but their friends who think it’s ‘nice that they’re keeping themselves busy’.

After pulling off three different shows in Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival, with the third being performed in their garden and streamed LIVE ON THE FUCKING INTERNET. Which was barely watched, even by their friends. IT WAS FEBUARY FOR THE FUCKS SAKE.*

Their latest endeavour has been to be put on a series of events at new hip happening place St.Martins Coffee, from Speed dating to Treasure Hunt via a Cabaret Night, this has seen an interest in the trio by almost 100%. Followed up with a debatably successful performance at Handmade Festival, it could be said Dan and co. are on fire right now.

Being literally one of the coolest things in Leicester at the moment, the three people are spending the rest of the year focusing on one show, their masterpiece, something they are going to hone to perfection, pulling out all the stops before they take it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and then across the country in a small DIY tour which is expected to end in Leicester in the Autumn. You can see it in it’s rough stages as they return to their second home Upstairs at the Western on the 19th July. It’s a fiver, but as your press you would probably get in for free and could see what all the fuss is about. Speaking of fuss here’s a quote that you could use to insert into a two page spread about the show (you could even do a timeline, we’ll send you a detailed time line of the past year upon request, marking upon youtube videos and when they were created, from Dan getting his haircut on stage by an audience member to that time when Lewys and Jack ran for president.). Dan says this about the show:

‘it’s going to be fucking great. Otherwise I’m ending it. The show. My comedy Career. My life. It’ll feature extracts of a new musical about Jurassic Park that we’re working on, also some performance art/naked wrestling** Lots of ego-centred arguments, stand up comedy. And a whole host of challenges to put audiences in positions they would never excepted when they came out that evening. We’re focussing on making it more game-show like since i found out that prick Tim Vine already does a chat show where he interviews audience members. And so does everybody else it seems.Nothings original these days’

This is the last show Dan, Lewys and Jack are doing together where they are all living together as housemates, as time goes on, the future past October is uncertain for the team. But one thing’s for sure they will go out with a bang. This could be one of the final chances to see them. And regret is ugly.

What are you waiting for pick up the phone and ring me.


*the whole show can be found on YouTube  (Thanks Desmond Media/ Jo and James for filming that for us, we never really plugged it – watch this space)

**N.B we’ve decided on doing a recreation of Sliding Doors Instead.


Previews and Parting Ways

Hello neglected website how have you been?


We really haven’t been on top of things as much as we should on here. There once was a time when only the website got updated, now that has become a faded past as it’s all about the faecesbooks and the twitters, SOCIAL MEDIA. Websites don’t really ever get a look in. THIS WILL STOP TODAY!

We are in a dawn of a new time, a new age, a new world. Where this website might get updated a bit more, fingers crossed.

Since the last post, a lot of things have happened. There is a lot of change in the air.

Before all that, if you are one of the people who saw us in the well advertised Leeds show, or the less- advertised –because-Dan-Got-Caught-up-in-life-Birmingham Gig, thank you. They’ve been great and confidence for most of us at the moment is through the roof. So much so that Jack has signed up to Skydiving classes this Wednesday, Dan’s signed up to teach them. Lewys is doing Lewys type things.

With the momentum at its highest we had our last event at St.Martins Coffee in the form of ‘Another Cabaret Night’, thanks to all the performer s and the people who came down, you can check the photos on our facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/DanNicholasConversationGarden


But Alas it is an end of an era, as we got kicked out of our house. And by that we mean, our tenancy came to a drastic and most horrible end, and by that we mean, it was just the end of the contract.

And we parted ways…..kind of. Jack moved in with his girlfriend (yes he has a girlfriend, sorry ladies) leaving Lewys and Dan to find themselves a flat. There wasn’t an emotional goodbye, no tears were shed. No word was said. Dans just been listening to a lot of Suede.


I’m sure a lot of you may have be wondering, ‘what happened to the mattress, and the beloved bathtub, it’s bound to be worth a lot of money some day’ …..we are not at liberty to discuss the whereabouts of these objects.


WHAT’S NEXT YOU CRY, IS IT OVER!?!?! WITH JACK GONE WHAT WOULD BE THE POINT IN CONTINUING? Well in case you haven’t heard us rave about it we’re going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, for the full run. Are you planning on coming? Maybe you’re not sure? Perhaps you’ve been thinking of a weekend away from that annoying loved one/housemate/family member for sometime, and you need an excuse to flee the country with out any notice. FEAR NOT WE’LL BE THAT EXCUSE!!! Come see us, we love moral support, also bring food. We’re on everyday at the George Next Door (apart from Tuesdays) at 1.20pm



BUT BEFORE THAT WE’RE DOING ANOTHER SHOW IN LEICESTER! (ohnoreally?youguysareonallthetimegettingalittlesickofyounow) YA RLY! Upstairs at the Western on the 19th of July at the more reasonable time of 8pm get tickets here http://upstairsatthewestern.com/event/dan-nicholas-conversation-garden-so-far/ as Dan is beginning to panic that we have too much of a student audience, and all the students will have left = no audience PROVE HIM WRONG AND COME ALONG. If you’ve seen the show in Handmade Festival, then you’ll know it’s good, and there’s even some extra new bits added in! If you haven’t seen the show in Handmade Festival then rest assured it’s very good. Better that we could have imagined (and that’s basing it on two previews – arguably all the amount of previews you need, right? RIGHT?)