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It is with regret that we announce that Conversation Garden has come to AN END. (THAT’S RIGHT END. And by that we mean on hiatus/sabbatical. We don’t want it to be forever, but who knows?) We’ve all had a fun and exhausting couple of years doing this thang, but there comes a moment in every chat-show’s life when you have to step back and never talk to your co-hosts again. (Despite the living arrangements – it’s very awkward) We’re not saying we’re never going to talk to each other again.  Or that we’re going to deliberately miss each other’s weddings. We’re not saying that.  What we are saying is that we’re ready to move on and want to do new exciting things. Lewys has got a great new performance, ‘Of Or At A Fairly Low Temperature’ exploring the notion of being cool…Jack has found love, he also has a piece, ‘1.9’ about his first love, parkour, so he’s the real winner here .Shitbag. And Dan will be going into a recording studio, to make his first solo album. Is making some new shows. A solo show ‘Reverb (The love story of Terrance the Crocodile and Julia the Mannequin)’, and a sketch/ stand up show  ‘Yours Desperately, Dan and Lydia’ with fellow comedian Lydia Rickards. We have also formed a collective with Dance Artist, Katherine Hall called Tetrad and are putting a performance platform night on at Embrace Arts, the first night of ‘Us and Them’ is on the 23rd of November, and will be featuring some great artists as well as Lewys’ very own  performance.


Thank you to everyone who has supported and followed our journey, it really couldn’t have been done without you. It’s been an amazing experience we’ve done so many things that at one point or another seemed like insane, crazy ideas. There’s too many to mention but notable thanks must go to all those who worked with us/ gave us opportunities when we weren’t expecting them/got really fed up of Dan being a strain on their lives:

Heather Forknell, Robert Hardaker, Bone Cult, Joe Ross Williams, John Helps and Handmade Festival, Holly Holdsworth, Joe Richards, James Langley, Yusef Mustafa, Sam Plummer and the guys at Demon Media, Jonny Mclean, Kirsty Mealing, Paul Rodgers, Naomi Galliford Sam Javid, Elizabeth Arthur  and all our guests. Marilyn Minx and Bella Bardot, all the acts that performed at our cabaret nights, Georgie Tansell, St. Martins Coffee, Lydia Rickards, Sean Morely, Dave Taylor, Cliff, and all the venues on the tour. James Hissett, Briony Latter, Ash Brown, Claire Gemma. And last but not Least Gary, Sally and Verity at Upstairs at the Western without whom none of this would have been possible.

Between January 2013 and October 2014 we’ve put together over 60 online videos, 8 different shows one of which was in our very garden, streamed live on the internet. Held a series of events at a Coffee Shop. We did the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and have now finished a (small) UK tour.  We’ll be doing a small screening of our online videos in Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival next year. But for now, we’ve been Daniel Nicholas, Jack Britton, Lewys Holt. We are Conversation Garden.

And That’s It.


Handmade Festival

Our favourite time of year, Handmade Festival at the start of summer is here.


We’ll be on at St.Martins Coffee shop today at 6.30pm and it’s FREE check us and what else is on here:



Dan Nicholas’ Conversation Garden in the Conversation Garden

Tonight is the night. 9pm check here to see the finale of the three part series for Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival.From the trio’s very own garden , they will be performing a comedy chat show with a twist where they interview you the audience. You can watch at the polar bear if you live in Leicester, but fear not if not. Check back here and there will be a special link to the main event.

There will be oppotunities to tweet in as well @EllisonNicholas with the #DNCG tweet in what you think (but only if it’s nice things…)

For now though….Dan sets the mattress on fire:

He also did an interview with Yusef: