Easter Madness

Hey up you lovely people, with your lovely clothes and your lovely hair and all those lovely things. Look at you sat there, at your desk under a small lit light. Pouring over your diary thinking to yourself ‘what am i doing next weekend’  don’t worry. We’ve got it sorted. You’re coming to a cabaret night at St.Martins Coffee. Hosted by us.



‘What can i expect to see?’  I hear you cry well…..


There will be fantastic stand up comedy from:


The Fabulous Celia Wildingcelia and Matt Holmes!matt holmes











We also have Burlesque from Venus Starr, who is holding her own burlesque event at St.Martins in late may. As well as the amazing Isla Skye (photo by Pauldale).venus starrrisla skye











And to top off the night we have the frankly awesome Flying Kangeroo Alliance playing an acoustic set for us!


There will be easter eggs, there w.ill be raps, there will be fun, there will be coffee. What more do you want? 18th of April at St.Martins Coffee is where to be you can get your tickets here


We also have other exciting announcements to announce soon!




Cabaret Night!!

Hello!cabaret night

It’s been a while, so much has happened. Lots of news. We have changed, you have changed, everyone has changed. We are know longer the people we were. But that sounds all very serious. Speed Dating was a great success, and hopefully some people have managed to find the loove of their life, or at the very least a shag.

But unfortunately upon arriving back at the house the team had found their laptops to have been stolen. Hence the lack of updates for a while. Lewys had his mac cruelly taken from him, but he has insurience so he should be fine. And Dan had his laptop and half of his laptop cable stolen. Fortunately his Dad was looking for an excuse to get a new laptop anyway, so Dan now has his old one. Which quote unquote is ‘better and more powerful than your one anyway’. So that’s that.

Jack is fine, as his laptop wasn’t at home. Bastard.


What else has happened?!?! Lots Jacks been lost down a well, and the guys haven’t been able to watch porn for nearly two weeks, as well as having their music choice limited to the phones and radio now that the option of spotify has gone. The heroes have had to undergo NLL (No Laptop Living) and have struggled/found it refreshing.

We’re also back on the 18th of April at St.Martins Coffee with a Caberat night, featuring a band, burlesque, stand up comedy as well as us hosting and being silly. It’s on Good Friday (was that a poor marketing decsion? Come and find out) and you can tickets for this and our other events here

Full line up to be announced next week! We’ve also made another advert/trailer/video for it watch here

Find love!!!1!!!

It’s not long to go now (in fact 24 hours)  before our first event at St.Martins Coffee Place.

Everyone’s getting excited, Dan’s gone mad and invited loads of girls he secretly fancies. Jack is having lots of fun coming up with ways to make the dates more interesting. And Lewys is doing Lewys type things.

There’s only limited spaces so book in advance to advoid disapointment!It’s only £3 starting at 7pm Click here for tickets to Speed Dating. What Larks.


speed dating


Well that’s Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival Done for another year, a huge thank you to everyone who came down and watched the shows in one form or another, it’s hugely appreciated.

For now we have some exciting plans that we can’t quite share just yet…however we are going to be hosting a series of events at St.Martins Tea and Coffee bar in Leicester – we’ll be announcing more details on this , in the week but for now check out the advert for  the first event which is Speed Dating!

On the 21st of March we’ll be hosting Speed Dating with a twist, on a challenge on every table (Rubix Cubes, paper Plane and ice breaking – to name but a few.) Maybe love can be found at the bottom of a coffee mug for you. LIMITED SPACES of 20 boys and 20 girls. Tickets can be bought here http://www.stmartinscoffee.co.uk/ get them while you can!

Dan Nicholas’ Conversation Garden in the Conversation Garden

Tonight is the night. 9pm check here to see the finale of the three part series for Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival.From the trio’s very own garden , they will be performing a comedy chat show with a twist where they interview you the audience. You can watch at the polar bear if you live in Leicester, but fear not if not. Check back here and there will be a special link to the main event.

There will be oppotunities to tweet in as well @EllisonNicholas with the #DNCG tweet in what you think (but only if it’s nice things…)

For now though….Dan sets the mattress on fire:

He also did an interview with Yusef:

Dan Goes Solo…

Well Lewys Holt’s Banter Bathroom was a roaring success, thanks to everyone who came down for it, we had a great time. However things aren’t as good as it might seem in the trio, as after a phone call with Channel 4 Dan has been kicked out of the house and is doing the final show in the garden by himself.

Watch the twisting narrative happen here:

The final show will be shown on this website and at The Polar Bear if you live in Leicester 9pm. 22nd Febuary.

The three also did an interview after the show with someone who was Yusef see how they got on here:


Tonight is the night! Where all the young lovers of comedy and love will be flocking too Leicester for the second part of the DNCG series Lewys Holt’s Banter Bathroom! Spend your Valentine’s Day in style and watch the trio negotiate love, tyranny, and the carperters.


There may be tickets still available from :http://www.comedy-festival.co.uk/events/show.php?event_id=3381&showdate=2014-02-14&venue=335


We’ll see you there!

Wash Yrself

Well Jack Britton’s Discussion was a mighty success, with the trio selling out at Upstairs at the Western again. Big thanks to everyone came and supported us, as well as Marilyn Minx and Bella Bardot for performing. Now could you all come again as this get steamy and lovely for DNCG Part II: Lewy’s Holt’s Banter Bathroom this friday. Which of course is Valentines Day, what better way to spend a date with your partner by watching the rise and fall of the trios friendship?

That’s 9.45pm at the Criterion

Look Lewys is busy getting ready:

He also did an interview with that guy:

Don’t forget tickets are two for one when you buy them at the Leicester tourism and information Centre or visit here:  http://www.goleicestershire.com/thedms.aspx?dms=72&shop=3&prod=7704

and on another note we’re only a couple of likes way from hitting our next milestone on facebook! If you found this website through a means that wasn’t the facebook page, why not give it a like?