Wash Yrself

Well Jack Britton’s Discussion was a mighty success, with the trio selling out at Upstairs at the Western again. Big thanks to everyone came and supported us, as well as Marilyn Minx and Bella Bardot for performing. Now could you all come again as this get steamy and lovely for DNCG Part II: Lewy’s Holt’s Banter Bathroom this friday. Which of course is Valentines Day, what better way to spend a date with your partner by watching the rise and fall of the trios friendship?

That’s 9.45pm at the Criterion

Look Lewys is busy getting ready:

He also did an interview with that guy:

Don’t forget tickets are two for one when you buy them at the Leicester tourism and information Centre or visit here:  http://www.goleicestershire.com/thedms.aspx?dms=72&shop=3&prod=7704

and on another note we’re only a couple of likes way from hitting our next milestone on facebook! If you found this website through a means that wasn’t the facebook page, why not give it a like?



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