Show Week 1.

And now we’re in the final hurdle of prep as this week is the start of Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival 2014. As always tension is running high/fall steam ahead etc etc.

In truth we’ve all had a bit of a holiday or it feels like, Dan and Lewys went back to their respective homes to visit Badgers/People they knew  who were leaving for Australia.  Dan spent the weekend sleeping then waking up to complain about the state of things and then too sleep again. Lewys did Lewys type things.

All the while Jack stayed in Leicester and guarded the house from the Paparazzi/ cleaned the house. This is what happened while the other two were away:

That’s not the only thing that’s hottin’ up though, as the press bandwagon is underway,  listen to Demon Fm breakfast show this friday for an a short interview with Jack, and here is a video one that has all the things that a good interview needs, bullying Yusef and washing up:

Tickets are still available for Discussion Kitchen this saturday at The Western pub or online at

As well as the Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival Website where you can get tickets for lots of other great shows!


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