Another Week

Well there is just one week left before the first show in the epic series of shows for Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival! Naturally everyone is beginning to stress and lose their mind. Dan has taken to making Enchiladas every night to the sound track of Radiohead’s Kid A album. Jack is starting to take running very seriously indeed, declaring that walking is for ‘inefficient pussys’ meaning that he only  has two speeds ‘run’ and ‘stop’. and Lewys is still doing Lewys type things.

However despite this everyone has been very busy, we’ve done more interviews with Demon Media, and have even been into the TV studio to record a special short video to be released during the comedy festival, and have set up lots of exciting plans for post-festival….stay tuned to find out more.

For now here is the latest Conversation Garden video, with another two being released next week in the run up to Jack Britton’s Discussion Kitchen:

Remember you can get tickets for all of the shows at or at


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