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We’re Live.

We’ll be live at 9pm for DNCG Part III: Dan Nicholas’ Conversation Garden.

Just follow this link to see the event!


Dan Nicholas’ Conversation Garden in the Conversation Garden

Tonight is the night. 9pm check here to see the finale of the three part series for Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival.From the trio’s very own garden , they will be performing a comedy chat show with a twist where they interview you the audience. You can watch at the polar bear if you live in Leicester, but fear not if not. Check back here and there will be a special link to the main event.

There will be oppotunities to tweet in as well @EllisonNicholas with the #DNCG tweet in what you think (but only if it’s nice things…)

For now though….Dan sets the mattress on fire:

He also did an interview with Yusef:

Dan Goes Solo…

Well Lewys Holt’s Banter Bathroom was a roaring success, thanks to everyone who came down for it, we had a great time. However things aren’t as good as it might seem in the trio, as after a phone call with Channel 4 Dan has been kicked out of the house and is doing the final show in the garden by himself.

Watch the twisting narrative happen here:

The final show will be shown on this website and at The Polar Bear if you live in Leicester 9pm. 22nd Febuary.

The three also did an interview after the show with someone who was Yusef see how they got on here:


Tonight is the night! Where all the young lovers of comedy and love will be flocking too Leicester for the second part of the DNCG series Lewys Holt’s Banter Bathroom! Spend your Valentine’s Day in style and watch the trio negotiate love, tyranny, and the carperters.


There may be tickets still available from :


We’ll see you there!

Wash Yrself

Well Jack Britton’s Discussion was a mighty success, with the trio selling out at Upstairs at the Western again. Big thanks to everyone came and supported us, as well as Marilyn Minx and Bella Bardot for performing. Now could you all come again as this get steamy and lovely for DNCG Part II: Lewy’s Holt’s Banter Bathroom this friday. Which of course is Valentines Day, what better way to spend a date with your partner by watching the rise and fall of the trios friendship?

That’s 9.45pm at the Criterion

Look Lewys is busy getting ready:

He also did an interview with that guy:

Don’t forget tickets are two for one when you buy them at the Leicester tourism and information Centre or visit here:

and on another note we’re only a couple of likes way from hitting our next milestone on facebook! If you found this website through a means that wasn’t the facebook page, why not give it a like?

1 Down 2 to go!

Well we are now into the swing of things, they are almost certainly on the get go. Jack Britton’s Discussion Kitchen was a success and sold out! We had a great night and was lovely to see so many people there in support. Photos from the show will be up soon, but for now check out this interview he did with Yusef before hand:

You can also now get 2for1 tickets for Part II Lewys Holt’s Banter Bathroom here:

or at Leicester tourism and information centre!

Discussion Kitchen Tonight!

It’s finally happened, tonight we have the first of three shows in Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival. Jack Britton’s Discussion Kitchen

Ft. Burlesque from Marilyn Minx and Bella Bardot, this cabaret esque show is certainly not to be missed, with kettles and challenges, Stories and Conversations there’s all the promise it’s going to be a great night.poster discussion kitchen(1)







Get your tickets from these lovely places:


See you there

Show Week 1.

And now we’re in the final hurdle of prep as this week is the start of Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival 2014. As always tension is running high/fall steam ahead etc etc.

In truth we’ve all had a bit of a holiday or it feels like, Dan and Lewys went back to their respective homes to visit Badgers/People they knew  who were leaving for Australia.  Dan spent the weekend sleeping then waking up to complain about the state of things and then too sleep again. Lewys did Lewys type things.

All the while Jack stayed in Leicester and guarded the house from the Paparazzi/ cleaned the house. This is what happened while the other two were away:

That’s not the only thing that’s hottin’ up though, as the press bandwagon is underway,  listen to Demon Fm breakfast show this friday for an a short interview with Jack, and here is a video one that has all the things that a good interview needs, bullying Yusef and washing up:

Tickets are still available for Discussion Kitchen this saturday at The Western pub or online at

As well as the Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival Website where you can get tickets for lots of other great shows!

Another Week

Well there is just one week left before the first show in the epic series of shows for Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival! Naturally everyone is beginning to stress and lose their mind. Dan has taken to making Enchiladas every night to the sound track of Radiohead’s Kid A album. Jack is starting to take running very seriously indeed, declaring that walking is for ‘inefficient pussys’ meaning that he only  has two speeds ‘run’ and ‘stop’. and Lewys is still doing Lewys type things.

However despite this everyone has been very busy, we’ve done more interviews with Demon Media, and have even been into the TV studio to record a special short video to be released during the comedy festival, and have set up lots of exciting plans for post-festival….stay tuned to find out more.

For now here is the latest Conversation Garden video, with another two being released next week in the run up to Jack Britton’s Discussion Kitchen:

Remember you can get tickets for all of the shows at or at