Another post where the phrases ‘all steam ahead’ & ‘full swing of things’ is used to excess.

Well it’s nearly end of another week, and it’s full steam ahead in Conversation Garden towers. And everyone is starting to feel the strain of things. Jack ran away for a couple days and was found in Edinburgh at a jazz bar. Lewys has been busy doing Lewys type things. And Dan has a cold, leading him to make more descions on what kind of scarf to use more than normal. It’s a nightmare. A bloody nightmare.

But we have a new trailer to share, see it right here right now:

Lewys has said he’ll return for the show on the 14th, that’s Valentines Day. Conincidence? Possibly, no-one can say but it’ll be worth watching tickets and other such details here: BanterbanterbanterbanterBATHROOM

Naturally at a place where you’ll see ‘Toilet Jokes and Romance’ you may even meet ‘the one’, in fact you are more than likely to meet the one, it’s a possibility. It’s hard to judge these things but it definitely could happen.*
In other news two of the trio saw Wolf On Wall Street Last night, here is an unedited review [SPOILER WARNING];

‘There wasn’t any wolves in it’

‘Great underdog story, or should i say underwolf story’

‘The trailer for 12 Years A Slave looks good, i’d probably cry’

Well that’s it for now, as we are in the full swing of things. With interviews arranged, more filming, more crying, more more more. Check back next week when we’ll have the latest Conversation Garden video.

‘Till then, stay safe(ish).

*We can not gaurentee this.


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