Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival

We’re back in February for not one, not two, but THREE brand new shows for Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival.

Jack Brittons Discussion Kitchen1We’re back for Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival with not one, not two but THREE brand new shows!

08/02/14 – DNCG Part I: Jack Britton’s Discussion Kitchen at Upstairs at The Western 10.30pm ft. Marilyn Minx and Bella Bardot:




Lewys Holts Banter Bathroom114/02/14 – DNCG Part II: Lewys Jaq Bannon Holt’s Banter Bathroom at The Criterion 9.45pm, the perfect way to spend Valentines Day:













DNCG Garden
22/02/14 – DNCG Part III: Dan Nicholas’ Conversation Garden, live from their very own Garden to be streamed live from this very website, as well as screened at Polar Bear-Leicester




Photos by Heather Forknell: http://hforknell.tumblr.com/



That’s all for now, but do get your tickets now while you can folks, and stay tuned as we’ll be releasing new promotional videos for these shows from monday!


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