Quick Shifts.

As always we’ve been busy bees. The busiest bees around, we’re as busy as one of those bees, who spends all day in the office and doesn’t leave to the early hours of the morning, neglecting his wife and his kids. And although he tries so hard to impress his boss, he is never praised, with his homelife crumbling around him, all he has left is his work.

That’s how busy we are.

Not only is the show a week today, the presidental campaign being in  full flow,  but  we’re we’ll also be debuting our new ‘Chatdance’  this sunday as part of the improvisation night ‘Quick Shifts’. If you’re about in Leicester this sunday it’ll definitely be worth a look in. We’re delighted to be part of this event and it should be a good night, more details here

On another note have you voted for Jack or Lewys to decide who will be President

If not then get on it straight away!

To help you decide here is Lewys’ campaign video:

And here is another one of Dan terrorising the streets of Leicester

The results will be announced at the next show Part Deux: Conversation Nation, a week on today, as always you can buy your tickets for our show (and others) at Upstairs at the Western’s Website

That’s all for now, but check back soon (Wednesday) for something very exciting.



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