Une Week to go….

Things are heating up around here, as there is only one week to go before the first of our two brand new shows.

And it’s looking to be a treat. We’ve got a song, there will be some stand up. And some new challenges for audience members to try there hand at.

So we’ve been pretty busy doing making that.  But of course there wouldn’t be a new entry on here if we didn’t have something to plug and promote so with out further ado we present to you….

a link to our mailing list!



Sign up to recieve irregular updates, that may or may not include more show plugging, recipes, fashion columns and more show plugging.

We’ll also have the new batch of videos up on here soon, for now keep an ear/eye to the ground as we’ll be releasing a new video everyday next week in the run up to the show. (Probably best to check out the facebook page to see them as they are released)

‘This show has been talked about so much, where ever can i get tickets for it?’

Well i’m glad you asked simply look at this link here:


and if you fancy prepping and getting tickets for the second show now you can!

Right here: http://upstairsatthewestern.com/event/dan-nicholas-conversation-garden-part-ii-conversation-nation/


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